CSCL: Critical Semantic-Consistent Learning for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation

Jiahua Dong, Yang Cong, Gan Sun, Yuyang Liu, Xiaowei Xu ;


Unsupervised domain adaptation without consuming annotation process for unlabeled target data attracts appealing interests in semantic segmentation. However, 1) existing methods neglect that not all semantic representations across domains are transferable, which cripples domain-wise transfer with untransferable knowledge; 2) they fail to narrow category-wise distribution shift due to category-agnostic feature alignment. To address above challenges, we develop a new Critical Semantic-Consistent Learning (CSCL) model, which mitigates the discrepancy of both domain-wise and category-wise distributions. Specifically, a critical transfer based adversarial framework is designed to highlight transferable domain-wise knowledge while neglecting untransferable knowledge. Transferability-critic guides transferability-quantizer to maximize positive transfer gain under reinforcement learning manner, although negative transfer of untransferable knowledge occurs. Meanwhile, with the help of confidence-guided pseudo labels generator of target samples, a symmetric soft divergence loss is presented to explore inter-class relationships and facilitate category-wise distribution alignment. Experiments on several datasets demonstrate the superiority of our model."

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