Spatial-Adaptive Network for Single Image Denoising

Meng Chang, Qi Li, Huajun Feng, Zhihai Xu ;


Previous works have shown that convolutional neural networks can achieve good performance in image denoising tasks. However, limited by the local rigid convolutional operation, these methods lead to oversmoothing artifacts. A deeper network structure could alleviate these problems, but at the cost of additional computational overhead. In this paper, we propose a novel spatial-adaptive denoising network (SADNet) for effcient single image blind noise removal. To adapt to changes in spatial textures and edges, we design a residual spatial-adaptive block. Deformable convolution is introduced to sample the spatially related features for weighting. An encoder-decoder structure with a context block is introduced to capture multiscale information. By conducting noise removal from coarse to fine, a high-quality noise-free image is obtained. We apply our method to both synthetic and real noisy image datasets. The experimental results demonstrate that our method outperforms the state-of-the-art denoising methods both quantitatively and visually."

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