Emotion Recognition for Multiple Context Awareness

Dingkang Yang, Shuai Huang, Shunli Wang, Yang Liu, Peng Zhai, Liuzhen Su, Mingcheng Li, Lihua Zhang ;


"Understanding emotion in context is a rising hotspot in the computer vision community. Existing methods lack reliable context semantics to mitigate uncertainty in expressing emotions and fail to model multiple context representations complementarily. To alleviate these issues, we present a context-aware emotion recognition framework that combines four complementary contexts. The first context is multimodal emotion recognition based on facial expression, facial landmarks, gesture and gait. Secondly, we adopt the channel and spatial attention modules to obtain the emotion semantics of the scene context. Inspired by sociology theory, we explore the emotion transmission between agents by constructing relationship graphs in the third context. Meanwhile, we propose a novel agent-object context, which aggregates emotion cues from the interactions between surrounding agents and objects in the scene to mitigate the ambiguity of prediction. Finally, we introduce an adaptive relevance fusion module for learning the shared representations among multiple contexts. Extensive experiments show that our approach outperforms the state-of-the-art methods on both EMOTIC and GroupWalk datasets. We also release a dataset annotated with diverse emotion labels, Human Emotion in Context (HECO). In practice, we compare with the existing methods on the HECO, and our approach obtains a higher classification average precision of 50.65% and a lower regression mean error rate of 0.7. The project is available at https://heco2022.github.io/."

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