Adaptive Cross-Domain Learning for Generalizable Person Re-identification

Pengyi Zhang, Huanzhang Dou, Yunlong Yu, Xi Li ;


"Domain Generalizable Person Re-Identification (DG-ReID) is a more practical ReID task that is trained from multiple source domains and tested on the unseen target domains. Most existing methods are challenged for dealing with the shared and specific characteristics among different domains, which is called the domain conflict problem. To address this problem, we present an Adaptive Cross-domain Learning (ACL) framework equipped with a CrOss-Domain Embedding Block (CODE-Block) to maintain a common feature space for capturing both the domain-invariant and the domain-specific features, while dynamically mining the relations across different domains. Moreover, our model adaptively adjusts the architecture to focus on learning the corresponding features of a single domain at a time without interference from the biased features of other domains. Specifically, the CODE-Block is composed of two complementary branches, a dynamic branch for extracting domain-adaptive features and a static branch for extracting the domain-invariant features. Extensive experiments demonstrate that the proposed approach achieves state-of-the-art performances on the popular benchmarks. Under Protocol-2, our method outperforms previous SOTA by 7.8% and 7.6% in terms of mAP and rank-1 accuracy."

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