CODA: A Real-World Road Corner Case Dataset for Object Detection in Autonomous Driving

Kaican Li, Kai Chen, Haoyu Wang, Lanqing Hong, Chaoqiang Ye, Jianhua Han, Yukuai Chen, Wei Zhang, Chunjing Xu, Dit-Yan Yeung, Xiaodan Liang, Zhenguo Li, Hang Xu ;


"Contemporary deep-learning object detection methods for autonomous driving usually assume prefixed categories of common traffic participants, such as pedestrians and cars. Most existing detectors are unable to detect uncommon objects and corner cases (e.g., a dog crossing a street), which may lead to severe accidents in some situations, making the timeline for the real-world application of reliable autonomous driving uncertain. One main reason that impedes the development of truly reliably self-driving systems is the lack of public datasets for evaluating the performance of object detectors on corner cases. Hence, we introduce a challenging dataset named CODA that exposes this critical problem of vision-based detectors. The dataset consists of 1500 carefully selected real-world driving scenes, each containing four object-level corner cases (on average), spanning more than 30 object categories. On CODA, the performance of standard object detectors trained on large-scale autonomous driving datasets significantly drops to no more than 12.8% in mAR. Moreover, we experiment with the state-of-the-art open-world object detector and find that it also fails to reliably identify the novel objects in CODA, suggesting that a robust perception system for autonomous driving is probably still far from reach. We expect our CODA dataset to facilitate further research in reliable detection for real-world autonomous driving. Our dataset is available at"

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