Mining Relations among Cross-Frame Affinities for Video Semantic Segmentation

Guolei Sun, Yun Liu, Hao Tang, Ajad Chhatkuli, Le Zhang, Luc Van Gool ;


"The essence of video semantic segmentation (VSS) is how to leverage temporal information for prediction. Previous efforts are mainly devoted to developing new techniques to calculate the cross-frame affinities such as optical flow and attention. Instead, this paper contributes from a different angle by mining relations among cross-frame affinities, upon which better temporal information aggregation could be achieved. We explore relations among affinities in two aspects: single-scale intrinsic correlations and multi-scale relations. Inspired by traditional feature processing, we propose Single-scale Affinity Refinement (SAR) and Multi-scale Affinity Aggregation (MAA). To make it feasible to execute MAA, we propose a Selective Token Masking (STM) strategy to select a subset of consistent reference tokens for different scales when calculating affinities, which also improves the efficiency of our method. At last, the cross-frame affinities strengthened by SAR and MAA are adopted for adaptively aggregating temporal information. Our experiments demonstrate that the proposed method performs favorably against state-of-the-art VSS methods."

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