JPEG Artifacts Removal via Contrastive Representation Learning

Xi Wang, Xueyang Fu, Yurui Zhu, Zheng-Jun Zha ;


"To meet the needs of practical applications, current deep learning-based methods focus on using a single model to handle JPEG images with different compression qualities, while few of them consider the auxiliary effects of the compression quality information. Recently, several methods estimate quality factors in a supervised learning manner to guide their network to remove JPEG artifacts. However, they may fail to estimate unseen compression types, affecting the subsequent restoration performance. To remedy this issue, we propose an unsupervised compression quality representation learning strategy for the blind JPEG artifacts removal. Specifically, we utilize contrastive learning to obtain discriminative compression quality representations in the latent feature space. Then, to fully exploit the learned representations, we design a compression-guided blind JPEG artifacts removal network, which integrates the discriminative compression quality representations in an information lossless way. In this way, our single network can flexibly handle various JPEG compression images. Experiments demonstrate that our method can adapt to different compression qualities to obtain discriminative representations and outperform state-of-art methods."

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