A Reliable Online Method for Joint Estimation of Focal Length and Camera Rotation

Yiming Qian, James H. Elder ;


"Linear perspective cues deriving from regularities of the built environment can be used to recalibrate both intrinsic and extrinsic camera parameters online, but these estimates can be unreliable due to irregularities in the scene, uncertainties in line segment estimation and background clutter. Here we address this challenge through four initiatives. First, we use the PanoContext panoramic image dataset to curate a novel and realistic dataset of planar projections over a broad range of scenes, focal lengths and camera poses. Second, we use this novel dataset and the YorkUrbanDB to systematically evaluate the linear perspective deviation measures frequently found in the literature and show that the choice of deviation measure and likelihood model has a huge impact on reliability. Third, we use these findings to create a novel system for online camera calibration we call fR, and show that it outperforms the prior state of the art, substantially reducing error in estimated camera rotation and focal length. Our fourth contribution is a novel and efficient approach to estimating uncertainty that can dramatically improve online reliability for performance-critical applications by strategically selecting which frames to use for recalibration."

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