Temporal-MPI: Enabling Multi-Plane Images for Dynamic Scene Modelling via Temporal Basis Learning

Wenpeng Xing, Jie Chen ;


"Novel view synthesis of static scenes has achieved remarkable advancements in producing photo-realistic results. However, key challenges remain for immersive rendering of dynamic scenes. One of the seminal image-based rendering method, the multi-plane image (MPI), produces high novel-view synthesis quality for static scenes. But modelling dynamic contents by MPI is not studied. In this paper, we propose a novel Temporal-MPI representation which is able to encode the rich 3D and dynamic variation information throughout the entire video as compact temporal basis and coefficients jointly learned. Time-instance MPI for rendering can be generated efficiently using mini-seconds by linear combinations of temporal basis and coefficients from Temporal-MPI. Thus novel-views at arbitrary time-instance will be able to be rendered via Temporal-MPI in real-time with high visual quality. Our method is trained and evaluated on Nvidia Dynamic Scene Dataset. We show that our proposed Temporal-MPI is much faster compared with other state-of-the-art dynamic scene modelling methods using MPI."

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