MuLUT: Cooperating Multiple Look-Up Tables for Efficient Image Super-Resolution

Jiacheng Li, Chang Chen, Zhen Cheng, Zhiwei Xiong ;


"The high-resolution screen of edge devices stimulates a strong demand for efficient image super-resolution (SR). An emerging research, SR-LUT, responds to this demand by marrying the look-up table (LUT) with learning-based SR methods. However, the size of a single LUT grows exponentially with the increase of its indexing capacity. Consequently, the receptive field of a single LUT is restricted, resulting in inferior performance. To address this issue, we extend SR-LUT by enabling the cooperation of Multiple LUTs, termed MuLUT. Firstly, we devise two novel complementary indexing patterns and construct multiple LUTs in parallel. Secondly, we propose a re-indexing mechanism to enable the hierarchical indexing between multiple LUTs. In these two ways, the total size of MuLUT is linear to its indexing capacity, yielding a practical method to obtain superior performance. We examine the advantage of MuLUT on five SR benchmarks. MuLUT achieves a significant improvement over SR-LUT, up to 1.1dB PSNR, while preserving its efficiency. Moreover, we extend MuLUT to address demosaicing of Bayer-patterned images, surpassing SR-LUT on two benchmarks by a large margin."

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