Self-Support Few-Shot Semantic Segmentation

Qi Fan, Wenjie Pei, Yu-Wing Tai, Chi-Keung Tang ;


"Existing few-shot segmentation methods have achieved great progress based on the support-query matching framework. But they still heavily suffer from the limited coverage of intra-class variations from the few-shot supports. Motivated by the simple Gestalt principle that pixels belonging to the same object are more similar than those to different objects of same class, we propose a novel self-support matching idea to alleviate this problem. It uses query prototypes to match query features, where the query prototypes are collected from high-confidence prediction regions. This strategy can effectively capture the consistent underlying characteristics of the query objects, and thus fittingly match query features. We also propose an adaptive self-support background prototype generation module and self-support loss to further facilitate the self-support matching procedure. Our self-support network substantially improves the prototype quality, benefits more improvement from stronger backbones and more supports, and achieves SOTA on multiple datasets. Codes are at"

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