Spatial-Frequency Domain Information Integration for Pan-Sharpening

Man Zhou, Jie Huang, Keyu Yan, Hu Yu, Xueyang Fu, Aiping Liu, Xian Wei, Feng Zhao ;


"Pan-sharpening aims to generate the high-resolution multi-spectral (MS) images by fusing PAN images and low-resolution MS images. Despite the great advances, most existing pan-sharpening methods only work in the spatial domain and rarely explore the potential solution in frequency domain. In this paper, we first attempt to address pan-sharpening in both spatial-frequency domain and propose a Spatial-Frequency Information Integration Network, dubbed as SFIIN. To implement SFIIN, we devise a core building module tailored with pan-sharpening, consisting of three key components: spatial-domain information branch, frequency-domain information one and dual domain interaction. To be specific, the first employs the standard convolution to integrate the local information of two modalities of PAN and MS images in the spatial domain while the second adopts deep Fourier transformation to achieve the image-wide receptive field for exploring global contextual information. Followed by, the third is responsible for facilitating the information flow and learning the complementary representation. We conduct extensive experiments to analyze the effectiveness of the proposed network and demonstrate the favorable performance against state-of-the-art methods."

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