AvatarCap: Animatable Avatar Conditioned Monocular Human Volumetric Capture

Zhe Li, Zerong Zheng, Hongwen Zhang, Chaonan Ji, Yebin Liu ;


"To address the ill-posed problem caused by partial observations in monocular human volumetric capture, we present AvatarCap, a novel framework that introduces animatable avatars into the capture pipeline for high-fidelity reconstruction in both visible and invisible regions. Our method firstly creates an animatable avatar for the subject from a small number ( 20) of 3D scans as a prior. Then given a monocular RGB video of this subject, our method integrates information from both the image observation and the avatar prior, and accordingly reconstructs high-fidelity 3D textured models with dynamic details regardless of the visibility. To learn an effective avatar for volumetric capture from only few samples, we propose GeoTexAvatar, which leverages both geometry and texture supervisions to constrain the pose-dependent dynamics in a decomposed implicit manner. An avatar-conditioned volumetric capture method that involves a canonical normal fusion and a reconstruction network is further proposed to integrate both image observations and avatar dynamics for high-fidelity reconstruction in both observed and invisible regions. Overall, our method enables monocular human volumetric capture with detailed and pose-dependent dynamics, and the experiments show that our method outperforms state of the art."

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