L-CoDer: Language-Based Colorization with Color-Object Decoupling Transformer

Zheng Chang, Shuchen Weng, Yu Li, Si Li, Boxin Shi ;


"Language-based colorization requires the colorized image to be consistent with the the user-provided language caption. A most recent work proposes to decouple the language into color and object conditions in solving the problem. Though decent progress has been made, its performance is limited by three key issues. (i) The large gap between vision and language modalities using independent feature extractors makes it difficult to fully understand the language. (ii) The inaccurate language features are never refined by the image features such that the language may fail to colorize the image precisely. (iii) The local region does not perceive the whole image, producing global inconsistent colors. In this work, we introduce transformer into language-based colorization to tackle the aforementioned issues while keeping the language decoupling property. Our method unifies the modalities of image and language, and further performs color conditions evolving with image features in a coarse-to-fine manner. In addition, thanks to the global receptive field, our method is robust to the strong local variation. Extensive experiments demonstrate our method is able to produce realistic colorization and outperforms prior arts in terms of consistency with the caption."

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