Boosting Event Stream Super-Resolution with a Recurrent Neural Network

Wenming Weng, Yueyi Zhang, Zhiwei Xiong ;


"Existing methods for event stream super-resolution (SR) either require high-quality and high-resolution frames or underperform for large factor SR. To address these problems, we propose a recurrent neural network for event SR without frames. First, we design a temporal propagation net for incorporating neighboring and long-range event-aware contexts that facilitates event SR. Second, we build a spatiotemporal fusion net for reliably aggregating the spatiotemporal clues of event stream. These two elaborate components are tightly synergized for achieving satisfying event SR results even for 16X SR. Synthetic and real-world experimental results demonstrate the clear superiority of our method. Furthermore, we evaluate our method on two downstream event-driven applications, i.e., object recognition and video reconstruction, achieving remarkable performance boost over existing methods."

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