tSF: Transformer-Based Semantic Filter for Few-Shot Learning

Jinxiang Lai, Siqian Yang, Wenlong Liu, Yi Zeng, Zhongyi Huang, Wenlong Wu, Jun Liu, Bin-Bin Gao, Chengjie Wang ;


"Few-Shot Learning (FSL) alleviates the data shortage challenge via embedding discriminative target-aware features among plenty seen (base) and few unseen (novel) labeled samples. Most feature embedding modules in recent FSL methods are specially designed for corresponding learning tasks (e.g., classification, segmentation, and object detection), which limits the utility of embedding features. To this end, we propose a light and universal module named transformer-based Semantic Filter (tSF), which can be applied for different FSL tasks. The proposed tSF redesigns the inputs of a transformer-based structure by a semantic filter, which not only embeds the knowledge from whole base set to novel set but also filters semantic features for target category. Furthermore, the parameters of tSF is equal to half of a standard transformer block (less than 1M). In the experiments, our tSF is able to boost the performances in different classic few-shot learning tasks (about 2% improvement), especially outperforms the state-of-the-arts on multiple benchmark datasets in few-shot classification task."

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