Towards High-Fidelity Single-View Holistic Reconstruction of Indoor Scenes

Haolin Liu, Yujian Zheng, Guanying Chen, Shuguang Cui, Xiaoguang Han ;


"We present a new framework to reconstruct holistic 3D indoor scenes including both room background and indoor objects from single-view images. Existing methods can only produce 3D shapes of indoor objects with limited geometry quality because of the heavy occlusion of indoor scenes. To solve this, we propose an instance-aligned implicit function (InstPIFu) for detailed object reconstruction. Combining with instance-aligned attention module, our method is empowered to decouple mixed local features toward the occluded instances. Additionally, unlike previous methods that simply represents the room background as a 3D bounding box, depth map or a set of planes, we recover the fine geometry of the background via implicit representation. Extensive experiments on the SUN RGB-D, Pix3D, 3D-FUTURE, and 3D-FRONT datasets demonstrate that our method outperforms existing approaches in both background and foreground object reconstruction. Our code and model will be made publicly available."

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