CompNVS: Novel View Synthesis with Scene Completion

Zuoyue Li, Tianxing Fan, Zhenqiang Li, Zhaopeng Cui, Yoichi Sato, Marc Pollefeys, Martin R. Oswald ;


"We introduce a scalable framework for novel view synthesis from RGB-D images with largely incomplete scene coverage. While generative neural approaches have demonstrated spectacular results on 2D images, they have not yet achieved similar photorealistic results in combination with scene completion where a spatial 3D scene understanding is essential. To this end, we propose a generative pipeline performing on a sparse grid-based neural scene representation to complete unobserved scene parts via a learned distribution of scenes in a 2.5D-3D-2.5D manner. We process encoded image features in 3D space with a geometry completion network and a subsequent texture inpainting network to extrapolate the missing area. Photorealistic image sequences can be finally obtained via consistency-relevant differentiable rendering. Comprehensive experiments show that the graphical outputs of our method outperform the state of the art, especially within unobserved scene parts."

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