Exploring Hierarchical Graph Representation for Large-Scale Zero-Shot Image Classification

Kai Yi, Xiaoqian Shen, Yunhao Gou, Mohamed Elhoseiny ;


"The main question we address in this paper is how to scale up visual recognition of unseen classes, also known as zero-shot learning, to tens of thousands of categories as in the ImageNet-21K benchmark. At this scale, especially with many fine-grained categories included in ImageNet-21K, it is critical to learn quality visual semantic representations that are discriminative enough to recognize unseen classes and distinguish them from seen ones. We propose a Hierarchical Graphical knowledge Representation framework for the confidence-based classification method, dubbed as HGR-Net. Our experimental results demonstrate that HGR-Net can grasp class inheritance relations by utilizing hierarchical conceptual knowledge. Our method significantly outperformed all existing techniques, boosting the performance by 7% compared to the runner-up approach on the ImageNet-21K benchmark. We show that HGR-Net is learning-efficient in few-shot scenarios. We also analyzed our method on smaller datasets like ImageNet-21K-P, 2-hops, and 3-hops, demonstrating its generalization ability. Our benchmark and code are available at https://kaiyi.me/p/hgrnet.html."

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