Interpretable Image Classification with Differentiable Prototypes Assignment

Dawid Rymarczyk, Łukasz Struski, Michał Górszczak, Koryna Lewandowska, Jacek Tabor, Bartosz Zieliński ;


"Existing prototypical-based models address the black-box nature of deep learning. However, they are sub-optimal as they often assume separate prototypes for each class, require multi-step optimization, make decisions based on prototype absence (so-called negative reasoning process), and derive vague prototypes. To address those shortcomings, we introduce ProtoPool, an interpretable prototype-based model with positive reasoning and three main novelties. Firstly, we reuse prototypes in classes, which significantly decreases their number. Secondly, we allow automatic, fully differentiable assignment of prototypes to classes, which substantially simplifies the training process. Finally, we propose a new focal similarity function that contrasts the prototype from the background and consequently concentrates on more salient visual features. We show that ProtoPool obtains state-of-the-art accuracy on the CUB-200-2011 and the Stanford Cars datasets, substantially reducing the number of prototypes. We provide a theoretical analysis of the method and a user study to show that our prototypes capture more salient features than those obtained with competitive methods. We made the code available at"

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