Efficient One-Stage Video Object Detection by Exploiting Temporal Consistency

Guanxiong Sun, Yang Hua, Guosheng Hu, Neil Robertson ;


"Recently, one-stage detectors have achieved competitive accuracy and faster speed compared with traditional two-stage detectors on image data. However, in the field of video object detection (VOD), most existing VOD methods are still based on two-stage detectors. Moreover, directly adapting existing VOD methods to one-stage detectors introduces unaffordable computational costs. In this paper, we first analyse the computational bottlenecks of using one-stage detectors for VOD. Based on the analysis, we present a simple yet efficient framework to address the computational bottlenecks and achieve efficient one-stage VOD by exploiting the temporal consistency in video frames. Specifically, our method consists of a location prior network to filter out background regions and a size prior network to skip unnecessary computations on low-level feature maps for specific frames. We test our method on various modern one-stage detectors and conduct extensive experiments on the ImageNet VID dataset. Excellent experimental results demonstrate the superior effectiveness, efficiency, and compatibility of our method. The code is available at https://github.com/guanxiongsun/EOVOD."

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