CATRE: Iterative Point Clouds Alignment for Category-Level Object Pose Refinement

Xingyu Liu, Gu Wang, Yi Li, Xiangyang Ji ;


"While category-level 9DoF object pose estimation has emerged recently, previous correspondence-based or direct regression methods are both limited in accuracy due to the huge intra-category variances in object shape and color, etc. Orthogonal to them, this work presents a category-level object pose and size refiner CATRE, which is able to iteratively enhance pose estimate from point clouds to produce accurate results. Given an initial pose estimate, CATRE predicts a relative transformation between the initial pose and ground truth by means of aligning the partially observed point cloud and an abstract shape prior. In specific, we propose a novel disentangled architecture being aware of the inherent distinctions between rotation and translation/size estimation. Extensive experiments show that our approach remarkably outperforms state-of-the-art methods on REAL275, CAMERA25, and LM benchmarks up to a speed of approximately 85.32Hz, and achieves competitive results on category-level tracking. We further demonstrate that CATRE can perform pose refinement on unseen category. Code and trained models are available."

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