Improving Adversarial Robustness of 3D Point Cloud Classification Models

Guanlin Li, Guowen Xu, Han Qiu, Ruan He, Jiwei Li, Tianwei Zhang ;


"3D point cloud classification models based on deep neural networks were proven to be vulnerable to adversarial examples, with a quantity of novel attack techniques proposed by researchers recently. It is of paramount importance to preserve the robustness of 3D models under adversarial environments, considering their broad application in safety- and security-critical tasks. Unfortunately, existing defenses are not general enough to satisfactorily mitigate all types of attacks. In this paper, we design two innovative methodologies to improve the adversarial robustness of 3D point cloud classification models. (1) We introduce CCN, a novel point cloud architecture which can smooth and disrupt the adversarial perturbations. (2) We propose AMS, a novel data augmentation strategy to adaptively balance the model usability and robustness. Extensive evaluations indicate the integration of the two techniques provides much more robustness than existing defense solutions for 3D classification models. Our code can be found in"

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