Overlooked Poses Actually Make Sense: Distilling Privileged Knowledge for Human Motion Prediction

Xiaoning Sun, Qiongjie Cui, Huaijiang Sun, Bin Li, Weiqing Li, Jianfeng Lu ;


"Previous works on human motion prediction follow the pattern of building a mapping relation between the sequence observed and the one to be predicted. However, due to the inherent complexity of multivariate time series data, it still remains a challenge to find the extrapolation relation between motion sequences. In this paper, we present a new prediction pattern, which introduces previously overlooked human poses, to implement the prediction task from the view of interpolation. These poses exist after the predicted sequence, and form the privileged sequence. To be specific, we first propose an InTerPolation learning Network (ITP-Network) that encodes both the observed sequence and the privileged sequence to interpolate the in-between predicted sequence, wherein the embedded Privileged-sequence-Encoder (Priv-Encoder) learns the privileged knowledge (PK) simultaneously. Then, we propose a Final Prediction Network (FP-Network) for which the privileged sequence is not observable, but is equipped with a novel PK-Simulator that distills PK learned from the previous network. This simulator takes as input the observed sequence, but approximates the behavior of Priv-Encoder, enabling FP-Network to imitate the interpolation process. Extensive experimental results demonstrate that our prediction pattern achieves state-of the-art performance on benchmarked H3.6M, CMU-Mocap and 3DPW datasets in both short-term and long-term predictions."

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