DELTAR: Depth Estimation from a Light-Weight ToF Sensor and RGB Image

Yijin Li, Xinyang Liu, Wenqi Dong, Han Zhou, Hujun Bao, Guofeng Zhang, Yinda Zhang, Zhaopeng Cui ;


"Light-weight time-of-flight (ToF) depth sensors are small, cheap, low-energy and have been massively deployed on mobile devices for the purposes like autofocus, obstacle detection, etc. However, due to their specific measurements (depth distribution in a region instead of the depth value at a certain pixel) and extremely low resolution, they are insufficient for applications requiring high-fidelity depth such as 3D reconstruction. In this paper, we propose DELTAR, a novel method to empower light-weight ToF sensors with the capability of measuring high resolution and accurate depth by cooperating with a color image. As the core of DELTAR, a feature extractor customized for depth distribution and an attention-based neural architecture is proposed to fuse the information from the color and ToF domain efficiently. To evaluate our system in real-world scenarios, we design a data collection device and propose a new approach to calibrate the RGB camera and ToF sensor. Experiments show that our method produces more accurate depth than existing frameworks designed for depth completion and depth super-resolution and achieves on par performance with a commodity-level RGB-D sensor. Code and data are available on the project webpage:"

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