FrequencyLowCut Pooling – Plug & Play against Catastrophic Overfitting

Julia Grabinski, Steffen Jung, Janis Keuper, Margret Keuper ;


"Over the last years, Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) have been the dominating neural architecture in a wide range of computer vision tasks. From an image and signal processing point of view, this success might be a bit surprising as the inherent spatial pyramid design of most CNNs is apparently violating basic signal processing laws, i.e. Sampling Theorem in their down-sampling operations. However, since poor sampling appeared not to affect model accuracy, this issue has been broadly neglected until model robustness started to receive more attention. Recent work [18] in the context of adversarial attacks and distribution shifts, showed after all, that there is a strong correlation between the vulnerability of CNNs and aliasing artifacts induced by poor down-sampling operations. This paper builds on these findings and introduces an aliasing free down-sampling operation which can easily be plugged into any CNN architecture: FrequencyLowCut pooling. Our experiments show, that in combination with simple and Fast Gradient Sign Method (FGSM) adversarial training, our hyper-parameter free operator substantially improves model robustness and avoids catastrophic overfitting. Our code is available at"

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