CCPL: Contrastive Coherence Preserving Loss for Versatile Style Transfer

Zijie Wu, Zhen Zhu, Junping Du, Xiang Bai ;


"In this paper, we aim to devise a universally versatile style transfer method capable of performing artistic, photo-realistic, and video style transfer jointly, without seeing videos during training. Previous single-frame methods assume a strong constraint on the whole image to maintain temporal consistency, which could be violated in many cases. Instead, we make a mild and reasonable assumption that global inconsistency is dominated by local inconsistencies and devise a generic Contrastive Coherence Preserving Loss (CCPL) applied to local patches. CCPL can preserve the coherence of the content source during style transfer without degrading stylization. Moreover, it owns a neighbor-regulating mechanism, resulting in a vast reduction of local distortions and considerable visual quality improvement. Aside from its superior performance on versatile style transfer, it can be easily extended to other tasks, such as image-to-image translation. Besides, to better fuse content and style features, we propose Simple Covariance Transformation (SCT) to effectively align second-order statistics of the content feature with the style feature. Experiments demonstrate the effectiveness of the resulting model for versatile style transfer, when armed with CCPL."

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