Recurrent Bilinear Optimization for Binary Neural Networks

Sheng Xu, Yanjing Li, Tiancheng Wang, Teli Ma, Baochang Zhang, Peng Gao, Yu Qiao, Jinhu Lü, Guodong Guo ;


"Binary Neural Networks (BNNs) show great promise for real-world embedded devices. As one of the critical steps to achieve a powerful BNN, the scale factor calculation plays an essential role in reducing the performance gap to their real-valued counterparts. However, existing BNNs neglect the intrinsic bilinear relationship of real-valued weights and scale factors, resulting in a sub-optimal model caused by an insufficient training process. To address this issue, Recurrent Bilinear Optimization is proposed to improve the learning process of BNNs (RBONNs) by associating the intrinsic bilinear variables in the back propagation process. Our work is the first attempt to optimize BNNs from the bilinear perspective. Specifically, we employ a recurrent optimization and Density-ReLU to sequentially backtrack the sparse real-valued weight filters, which will be sufficiently trained and reach their performance limits based on a controllable learning process. We obtain robust RBONNs, which show impressive performance over state-of-the-art BNNs on various models and datasets. Particularly, on the task of object detection, RBONNs have great generalization performance. Our code is open-sourced on"

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