Visual Prompt Tuning

Menglin Jia, Luming Tang, Bor-Chun Chen, Claire Cardie, Serge Belongie, Bharath Hariharan, Ser-Nam Lim ;


"The current modus operandi in adapting pre-trained models involves updating all the backbone parameters, i.e. full fine-tuning. This paper introduces Visual Prompt Tuning (VPT) as an efficient and effective alternative to full fine-tuning for large-scale Transformer models in vision. Taking inspiration from recent advances in efficiently tuning large language models, VPT introduces only a small amount (less than 1% of model parameters) of trainable parameters in the input space while keeping the model backbone frozen. Via extensive experiments on a wide variety of downstream recognition tasks, we show that VPT achieves significant performance gains compared to other parameter-efficient tuning protocols. Most importantly, VPT even outperforms full fine-tuning in many cases across model capacities and training scales, while reducing per-task storage cost. Code is available at"

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