Human-Centric Image Cropping with Partition-Aware and Content-Preserving Features

Bo Zhang, Li Niu, Xing Zhao, Liqing Zhang ;


"Image cropping aims to find visually appealing crops in an image, which is an important yet challenging task. In this paper, we consider a specific and practical application: human-centric image cropping, which focuses on the depiction of a person. To this end, we propose a human-centric image cropping method with two novel feature designs for the candidate crop: partition-aware feature and content-preserving feature. For partition-aware feature, we divide the whole image into nine partitions based on the human bounding box and treat different partitions in a candidate crop differently conditioned on the human information. For content-preserving feature, we predict a heatmap indicating the important content to be included in a good crop, and extract the geometric relation between the heatmap and a candidate crop. Extensive experiments demonstrate that our method can perform favorably against state-of-the-art image cropping methods on human-centric image cropping task. Code is available at"

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