Learning Degradation Representations for Image Deblurring

Dasong Li, Yi Zhang, Ka Chun Cheung, Xiaogang Wang, Hongwei Qin, Hongsheng Li ;


"In various learning-based image restoration tasks, such as image denoising and image super-resolution, the degradation representations were widely used to model the degradation process and handle complicated degradation patterns. However, they are less explored in learning-based image deblurring as blur kernel estimation cannot perform well in real-world challenging cases. We argue that it is particularly necessary for image deblurring to model degradation representations since blurry patterns typically show much larger variations than noisy patterns or high-frequency textures. In this paper, we propose a framework to learn spatially adaptive degradation representations of blurry images. A novel joint image reblurring and deblurring learning process is presented to improve the expressiveness of degradation representations. To make learned degradation representations effective in reblurring and deblurring, we propose a Multi-Scale Degradation Injection Network (MSDI-Net) to integrate them into the neural networks. With the integration, MSDI-Net can handle various and complicated blurry patterns adaptively. Experiments on the GoPro and RealBlur datasets demonstrate that our proposed deblurring framework with the learned degradation representations outperforms state-of-the-art methods with appealing improvements. The code is released at https://github.com/dasongli1/Learning_degradation."

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