Spectrum-Aware and Transferable Architecture Search for Hyperspectral Image Restoration

Wei He, Quanming Yao, Naoto Yokoya, Tatsumi Uezato, Hongyan Zhang, Liangpei Zhang ;


"Convolutional neural networks have been widely developed for hyperspectral image (HSI) restoration. However, making full use of the spatial-spectral information of HSIs still remains a challenge. In this work, we disentangle the 3D convolution into lightweight 2D spatial and spectral convolutions, and build a spectrum-aware search space for HSI restoration. Subsequently, we utilize neural architecture search strategy to automatically learn the most efficient architecture with proper convolutions and connections in order to fully exploit the spatial-spectral information. We also determine that the super-net with global and local skip connections can further boost HSI restoration performance. The searched architecture on the CAVE dataset has been adopted for various dataset denoising and imaging reconstruction tasks, and achieves remarkable performance. On the basis of fruitful experiments, we conclude that the transferability of searched architecture is dependent on the spectral information and independent of the noise levels."

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