Delving into Details: Synopsis-to-Detail Networks for Video Recognition

Shuxian Liang, Xu Shen, Jianqiang Huang, Xian-Sheng Hua ;


"In this paper, we explore the details in video recognition with the aim to improve the accuracy. It is observed that most failure cases in recent works fall on the mis-classifications among very similar actions (such as high kick vs. side kick) that need a capturing of fine-grained discriminative details. To solve this problem, we propose synopsis-to-detail networks for video action recognition. Firstly, a synopsis network is introduced to predict the top-k likely actions and generate the synopsis (location & scale of details and contextual features). Secondly, according to the synopsis, a detail network is applied to extract the discriminative details in the input and infer the final action prediction. The proposed synopsis-to-detail networks enable us to train models directly from scratch in an end-to-end manner and to investigate various architectures for synopsis/detail recognition. Extensive experiments on benchmark datasets, including Kinetics-400, Mini-Kinetics and Something-Something V1 & V2, show that our method is more effective and efficient than the competitive baselines. Code is available at:"

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