Online Segmentation of LiDAR Sequences: Dataset and Algorithm

Romain Loiseau, Mathieu Aubry, Loïc Landrieu ;


"Roof-mounted spinning LiDAR sensors are widely used by autonomous vehicles. However, most semantic datasets and algorithms used for LiDAR sequence segmentation operate on 360° frames, causing an acquisition latency incompatible with real-time applications. To address this issue, we first introduce HelixNet, a 10 billion point dataset with fine-grained labels, timestamps, and sensor rotation information necessary to accurately assess the real-time readiness of segmentation algorithms. Second, we propose Helix4D, a compact and efficient spatio-temporal transformer architecture specifically designed for rotating LiDAR sequences. Helix4D operates on acquisition slices corresponding to a fraction of a full sensor rotation, significantly reducing the total latency. Helix4D reaches accuracy on par with the best segmentation algorithms on HelixNet and SemanticKITTI with a reduction of over 5x in terms of latency and 50x in model size. The code and data are available at:"

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