Generalizable Medical Image Segmentation via Random Amplitude Mixup and Domain-Specific Image Restoration

Ziqi Zhou, Lei Qi, Yinghuan Shi ;


"For medical image analysis, segmentation models trained on one or several domains lack generalization ability to unseen domains due to discrepancies between different data acquisition policies. We argue that the degeneration in segmentation performance is mainly attributed to overfitting to source domains and domain shift. To this end, we present a novel generalizable medical image segmentation method. To be specific, we design our approach as a multi-task paradigm by combining the segmentation model with a self-supervision domain-specific image restoration (DSIR) module for model regularization. We also design a random amplitude mixup (RAM) module, which incorporates low-level frequency information of different domain images to synthesize new images. To guide our model be resistant to domain shift, we introduce a semantic consistency loss. We demonstrate the performance of our method on two public generalizable segmentation benchmarks in medical images, which validates our method could achieve the state-of-the-art performance."

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