AssistQ: Affordance-Centric Question-Driven Task Completion for Egocentric Assistant

Benita Wong, Joya Chen, You Wu, Stan Weixian Lei, Dongxing Mao, Difei Gao, Mike Zheng Shou ;


"A long-standing goal of intelligent assistants such as AR glasses/robots has been to assist users in affordance-centric real-world scenarios, such as ""how can I run the microwave for 1 minute?”. However, there is still no clear task definition and suitable benchmarks. In this paper, we define a new task called Affordance-centric Question-driven Task Completion, where the AI assistant should learn from instructional videos to provide step-by-step help in the user’s view. To support the task, we constructed AssistQ, a new dataset comprising 531 question-answer samples from 100 newly filmed instructional videos. We also developed a novel Question-to-Actions (Q2A) model to address the AQTC task and validate it on the AssistQ dataset. The results show that our model significantly outperforms several VQA-related baselines while still having large room for improvement. We expect our task and dataset to advance Egocentric AI Assistant’s development. Our project page is available at:"

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