EleGANt: Exquisite and Locally Editable GAN for Makeup Transfer

Chenyu Yang, Wanrong He, Yingqing Xu, Yang Gao ;


"Most existing methods view makeup transfer as transferring color distributions of different facial regions and ignore details such as eye shadows and blushes. Besides, they only achieve controllable transfer within predefined fixed regions. This paper emphasizes the transfer of makeup details and steps towards more flexible controls. To this end, we propose Exquisite and locally editable GAN for makeup transfer (EleGANt). It encodes facial attributes into pyramidal feature maps to preserves high-frequency information. It uses attention to extract makeup features from the reference and adapt them to the source face, and we introduce a novel Sow-Attention Module that applies attention within shifted overlapped windows to reduce the computational cost. Moreover, EleGANt is the first to achieve customized local editing within arbitrary areas by corresponding editing on the feature maps. Extensive experiments demonstrate that EleGANt generates realistic makeup faces with exquisite details and achieves state-of-the-art performance. The code is available at https://github.com/Chenyu-Yang-2000/EleGANt."

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