Bridging Images and Videos: A Simple Learning Framework for Large Vocabulary Video Object Detection

Sanghyun Woo, Kwanyong Park, Seoung Wug Oh, In So Kweon, Joon-Young Lee ;


"Scaling object taxonomies is one of the important steps toward a robust real-world deployment of recognition systems. We have faced remarkable progress in images since the introduction of the LVIS benchmark. To continue this success in videos, a new video benchmark, TAO, was recently presented. Given the recent encouraging results from both large-vocabulary detection and tracking communities, we are interested in marrying those two advances and building a strong large vocabulary video tracker. However, supervisions in LVIS and TAO are inherently sparse or even missing, posing two new challenges for training the trackers. First, no tracking supervisions are in LVIS, which leads to inconsistent learning of detection (with LVIS and TAO) and tracking (only with TAO). Second, the detection supervisions in TAO are partial, which results in catastrophic forgetting of absent LVIS categories. To resolve these challenges, we present an effective unified learning framework that takes full advantage of all available training data to learn detection and tracking while not losing any LVIS categories to recognize. With this new learning scheme, we show that consistent improvements of various large vocabulary trackers are capable, setting strong state-of-the-art results on TAO benchmarks."

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