Style-Agnostic Reinforcement Learning

Juyong Lee, Seokjun Ahn, Jaesik Park ;


"We present a novel method of learning style-agnostic representation using both style transfer and adversarial learning in the reinforcement learning framework. The style, here, refers to task-irrelevant details such as the color of the background in the images, where generalizing the learned policy across environments with different styles is still a challenge. Focusing on learning style-agnostic representations, our method trains the actor with diverse image styles generated from an inherent adversarial style perturbation generator, which plays a min-max game between the actor and the generator, without demanding expert knowledge for data augmentation or additional class labels for adversarial training. We verify that our method achieves competitive or better performances than the state-of-the-art approaches on Procgen and Distracting Control Suite benchmarks, and further investigate the features extracted from our model, showing that the model better captures the invariants and is less distracted by the shifted style. The code is available at"

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