BATMAN: Bilateral Attention Transformer in Motion-Appearance Neighboring Space for Video Object Segmentation

Ye Yu, Jialin Yuan, Gaurav Mittal, Li Fuxin, Mei Chen ;


"Video Object Segmentation (VOS) is fundamental to video understanding. Transformer-based methods show significant performance improvement on semi-supervised VOS. However, existing work faces challenges segmenting visually similar objects in close proximity of each other. In this paper, we propose a novel Bilateral Attention Transformer in Motion-Appearance Neighboring space (BATMAN) for semi-supervised VOS. It captures object motion in the video via a novel optical flow calibration module that fuses the segmentation mask with optical flow estimation to improve within-object optical flow smoothness and reduce noise at object boundaries. This calibrated optical flow is then employed in our novel bilateral attention, which computes the correspondence between the query and reference frames in the neighboring bilateral space considering both motion and appearance. Extensive experiments validate the effectiveness of BATMAN architecture by outperforming all existing state-of-the-art on all four popular VOS benchmarks: Youtube-VOS 2019 (85.0%), Youtube-VOS 2018 (85.3%), DAVIS 2017Val/Test-dev (86.2%/82.2%), and DAVIS 2016 (92.5%)."

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