Mutually Reinforcing Structure with Proposal Contrastive Consistency for Few-Shot Object Detection

Tianxue Ma, Mingwei Bi, Jian Zhang, Wang Yuan, Zhizhong Zhang, Yuan Xie, Shouhong Ding, Lizhuang Ma ;


"Few-shot object detection is based on the base set with abundant labeled samples to detect novel categories with scarce samples. The majority of former solutions are mainly based on meta-learning or transfer-learning, neglecting the fact that images from the base set might contain unlabeled novel-class objects, which easily leads to performance degradation and poor plasticity since those novel objects are served as the background. Based on the above phenomena, we propose a Mutually Reinforcing Structure Network (MRSN) to make rational use of unlabeled novel class instances in the base set. In particular, MRSN consists of a mining model which unearths unlabeled novel-class instances and an absorbed model which learns variable knowledge. Then, we design a Proposal Contrastive Consistency (PCC) module in the absorbed model to fully exploit class characteristics and avoid bias from unearthed labels. Furthermore,we propose a simple and effective data synthesis method undirectional-CutMix (UD-CutMix) to improve the robustness of model mining novel class instances, urge the model to pay attention to discriminative parts of objects and eliminate the interference of background information. Extensive experiments illustrate that our proposed approach achieves state-of-the-art results on PASCAL VOC and MS-COCO datasets. Our code will be released at"

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