Face2Faceρ: Real-Time High-Resolution One-Shot Face Reenactment

Kewei Yang, Kang Chen, Daoliang Guo, Song-Hai Zhang, Yuan-Chen Guo, Weidong Zhang ;


"Existing one-shot face reenactment methods either present obvious artifacts in large pose transformations, or cannot well-preserve the identity information in the source images, or fail to meet the requirements of real-time applications due to the intensive amount of computation involved. In this paper, we introduce Face2Face^ρ, the first Real-time High-resolution and One-shot (RHO, ρ) face reenactment framework. To achieve this goal, we designed a new 3DMM-assisted warping-based face reenactment architecture which consists of two fast and efficient sub-networks, i.e., a u-shaped rendering network to reenact faces driven by head poses and facial motion fields, and a hierarchical coarse-to-fine motion network to predict facial motion fields guided by different scales of landmark images. Compared with existing state-of-the-art works, Face2Face^ρ can produce results of equal or better visual quality, yet with significantly less time and memory overhead. We also demonstrate that Face2Face^ρ can achieve real-time performance for face images of 1440×1440 resolution with a desktop GPU and 256×256 resolution with a mobile CPU."

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