UC-OWOD: Unknown-Classified Open World Object Detection

Zhiheng Wu, Yue Lu, Xingyu Chen, Zhengxing Wu, Liwen Kang, Junzhi Yu ;


"Open World Object Detection (OWOD) is a challenging computer vision problem that requires detecting unknown objects and gradually learning the identified unknown classes. However, it cannot distinguish unknown instances as multiple unknown classes. In this work, we propose a novel OWOD problem called Unknown-Classified Open World Object Detection (UC-OWOD). UC-OWOD aims to detect unknown instances and classify them into different unknown classes. Besides, we formulate the problem and devise a two-stage object detector to solve UC-OWOD. First, unknown label-aware proposal and unknown-discriminative classification head are used to detect known and unknown objects. Then, similarity-based unknown classification and unknown clustering refinement modules are constructed to distinguish multiple unknown classes. Moreover, two novel evaluation protocols are designed to evaluate unknown-class detection. Abundant experiments and visualizations prove the effectiveness of the proposed method. Code is available at https://github.com/JohnWuzh/UC-OWOD."

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