Efficient Point Cloud Segmentation with Geometry-Aware Sparse Networks

Maosheng Ye, Rui Wan, Shuangjie Xu, Tongyi Cao, Qifeng Chen ;


"In point cloud learning, sparsity and geometry are two core properties. Recently, many approaches have been proposed through single or multiple representations to improve the performance of point cloud semantic segmentation. However, these works fail to maintain the balance among performance, efficiency, and memory consumption, showing incapability to integrate sparsity and geometry appropriately. To address these issues, we propose the Geometry-aware Sparse Networks (GASN) by utilizing the sparsity and geometry of a point cloud in a single voxel representation. GASN mainly consists of two modules, namely Sparse Feature Encoder and Sparse Geometry Feature Enhancement. The Sparse Feature Encoder extracts the local context information, and the Sparse Geometry Feature Enhancement enhances the geometric properties of a sparse point cloud to improve both efficiency and performance. In addition, we propose deep sparse supervision in the training phase to help convergence and alleviate the memory consumption problem. Our GASN achieves state-of-the-art performance on both SemanticKITTI and Nuscenes datasets while running significantly faster and consuming less memory."

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