BoundaryFace: A Mining Framework with Noise Label Self-Correction for Face Recognition

Shijie Wu, Xun Gong ;


"Face recognition has made tremendous progress in recent years due to the advances in loss functions and the explosive growth in training sets size. A properly designed loss is seen as key to extract discriminative features for classification. Several margin-based losses have been proposed as alternatives of softmax loss in face recognition. However, two issues remain to consider: 1) They overlook the importance of hard sample mining for discriminative learning. 2) Label noise ubiquitously exists in large-scale datasets, which can seriously damage the model’s performance. In this paper, starting from the perspective of decision boundary, we propose a novel mining framework that focuses on the relationship between a sample’s ground truth class center and its nearest negative class center. Specifically, a closed-set noise label self-correction module is put forward, making this framework work well on datasets containing a lot of label noise. The proposed method consistently outperforms SOTA methods in various face recognition benchmarks. Training code has been released at"

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