FH-Net: A Fast Hierarchical Network for Scene Flow Estimation on Real-World Point Clouds

Lihe Ding, Shaocong Dong, Tingfa Xu, Xinli Xu, Jie Wang, Jianan Li ;


"Estimating scene flow from real-world point clouds is a fundamental task for practical 3D vision. Previous methods often rely on deep models to first extract expensive per-point features at full resolution, and then get the flow either from complex matching mechanism or feature decoding, suffering high computational cost and latency. In this work, we propose a fast hierarchical network, FH-Net, which directly gets the key points flow through a lightweight Trans-flow layer utilizing the reliable local geometry prior, and optionally back-propagates the computed sparse flows through an inverse Trans-up layer to obtain hierarchical flows at different resolutions. To focus more on challenging dynamic objects, we also provide a new copy-and-paste data augmentation technique based on dynamic object pairs generation. Moreover, to alleviate the chronic shortage of real-world training data, we establish two new large-scale datasets to this field by collecting lidar-scanned point clouds from public autonomous driving datasets and annotating the collected data through novel pseudo-labeling. Extensive experiments on both public and proposed datasets show that our method outperforms prior state-of-the-arts while running at least 7× faster at 113 FPS. Code and data are released at https://github.com/pigtigger/FH-Net."

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