A Dense Material Segmentation Dataset for Indoor and Outdoor Scene Parsing

Paul Upchurch, Ransen Niu ;


"A key algorithm for understanding the world is material segmentation, which assigns a label (metal, glass, etc.) to each pixel. We find that a model trained on existing data underperforms in some settings and propose to address this with a large-scale dataset of 3.2 million dense segments on 44,560 indoor and outdoor images, which is 23x more segments than existing data. Our data covers a more diverse set of scenes, objects, viewpoints and materials, and contains a more fair distribution of skin types. We show that a model trained on our data outperforms a state-of-the-art model across datasets and viewpoints. We propose a large-scale scene parsing benchmark and baseline of 0.729 per-pixel accuracy, 0.585 mean class accuracy and 0.420 mean IoU across 46 materials."

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