GLAMD: Global and Local Attention Mask Distillation for Object Detectors

Younho Jang, Wheemyung Shin, Jinbeom Kim, Simon Woo, Sung-Ho Bae ;


"Knowledge distillation (KD) is a well-known model compression strategy to improve models’ performance with fewer parameters. However, recent KD approaches for object detection have faced two limitations. First, they distill nearby foreground regions, ignoring potentially useful background information. Second, they only consider global contexts, thereby the student model can hardly learn local details from the teacher model. To overcome such challenging issues, we propose a novel knowledge distillation method, GLAMD, distilling both global and local knowledge from the teacher. We divide the feature maps into several patches and apply an attention mechanism for both the entire feature area and each patch to extract the global context as well as local details simultaneously. Our method outperforms the state-of-the-art methods with 40.8 AP on COCO2017 dataset, which is 3.4 AP higher than the student model (ResNet50 based Faster R-CNN) and 0.7 AP higher than the previous global attention-based distillation method."

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