Zero-Shot Learning for Reflection Removal of Single 360-Degree Image

Byeong-Ju Han, Jae-Young Sim ;


"The existing methods for reflection removal mainly focus on removing blurry and weak reflection artifacts and thus often fail to work with severe and strong reflection artifacts. However, in many cases, real reflection artifacts are sharp and intensive enough such that even humans cannot completely distinguish between the transmitted and reflected scenes. In this paper, we attempt to remove such challenging reflection artifacts using 360-degree images. We adopt the zero-shot learning scheme to avoid the burden of collecting paired data for supervised learning and the domain gap between different datasets. We first search for the reference image of the reflected scene in a 360-degree image based on the reflection geometry, which is then used to guide the network to restore the faithful colors of the reflection image. We collect 30 test 360-degree images exhibiting challenging reflection artifacts and demonstrate that the proposed method outperforms the existing state-of-the-art methods on 360-degree images."

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