Video Anomaly Detection by Solving Decoupled Spatio-Temporal Jigsaw Puzzles

Guodong Wang, Yunhong Wang, Jie Qin, Dongming Zhang, Xiuguo Bao, Di Huang ;


"Video Anomaly Detection (VAD) is an important topic in computer vision. Motivated by the recent advances in self-supervised learning, this paper addresses VAD by solving an intuitive yet challenging pretext task, i.e., spatio-temporal jigsaw puzzles, which is cast as a multi-label fine-grained classification problem. Our method exhibits several advantages over existing works: 1) the spatio-temporal jigsaw puzzles are decoupled in terms of spatial and temporal dimensions, responsible for capturing highly discriminative appearance and motion features, respectively; 2) full permutations are used to provide abundant jigsaw puzzles covering various difficulty levels, allowing the network to distinguish subtle spatio-temporal differences between normal and abnormal events; and 3) the pretext task is tackled in an end-to-end manner without relying on any pre-trained models. Our method outperforms state-of-the-art counterparts on three public benchmarks. Especially on ShanghaiTech Campus, the result is superior to reconstruction and prediction-based methods by a large margin."

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